Image of chart showing trade since the UK joined the EU

Brexit Blog Posts:

The UK may have left the EU, but Wrexham for Europe will continue to highlight the broken promises of the Leave campaign and press for close alignment with the EU.

Myths about Brexit – 10 Myths about leaving the EU.

Why Brexit should be stopped  – Reasons why MPs should stop Brexit

Are referendum democratic? – Are referendum a “device of dictators and demagogues?”

Why people voted for Brexit – The psychology of Brexit – why emotions won over logic!

How appropriate are opinion polls before elections – Do opinion polls influence voters?

What marketing can learn from Brexit – 7 Marketing lessons from the Brexit campaigns.

Will a no deal Brexit happen? – Why Is A No Deal Brexit Being Promoted By Brexiteers?

Template letters to stop Brexit – Brexit letter templates for Theresa May and MPs.

The £350 million a week lie – The Boris Johnson Brexit bus lie.

Wrexham for Europe t-shirts – Sales of our popular t-shirt.

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