Conversion Audits

Conversion Audits

Undertaking a Conversion Audit:

Conversion audits involve a systematic process of reviewing and evaluating your website or app. This includes:

  • Reviewing your web analytics set up and accuracy of event tracking.
  • A technical analysis of the performance of your website.
  • Testing of website journeys using popular devices to review the usability and accessibility of your site or app.
  • Analysis of your web analytics data to identify weaknesses in conversion by factors such as device, operating system, browser and browser version.
  • Session replay analysis of users navigating your website using tools such as Microsoft Clarity or Hotjar.
  • Use of heatmaps to review areas of interest on key web journeys.
  • A website evaluation compared to key competitors.

A website evaluation, often called a heuristic assessment, is an expert led approach to identify potential areas for improvement. This is a practical approach, with the aid of shortcuts to produce ideas for further investigation and prioritisation.

Prior to the evaluation, Conversion Uplift will assess the nature of the market and the dominant decision style that customers are likely to use when choosing a brand. The psychological motivations of users are also considered as this helps to understand what might be important in driving conversions. 

Conversion Uplift uses an industry best practice framework that has been proven to produce valuable insights for many online brands. Using two to three competitors, we benchmark your website or app to provide context and examples to support our analysis and recommendations.

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