Learn how to complete a professional GA4 audit using my comprehensive approach to auditing of Google Analytics.

I am proud to have been asked by leading digital marketing training provider, CXL to create a comprehensive GA4 Audit course for their platform. This extensive course is designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and skills for conducting flawless GA4 audits.

What This Course Offers in over 5 hours of packed content:

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Over 300 slides packed with detailed information on conducting the perfect GA4 Audit.
  • Practical Resources: Access to 41 downloadable resources, aiding in designing action plans and auditing various aspects of GA4.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the vast experience of world-class instructor Neal Cole, with over 10 years in digital analytics, who walks you through 22 meticulously crafted lessons.
  • CXL Certification: Earn the prestigious GA4 Audit certification from CXL, validating your expertise in this domain.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Digital Analytics Audits: Understanding the critical role of audits in analytics and the different types.
  2. Key Aspects of Data Quality: Foundations of data quality crucial for any GA4 audit.
  3. Common Data Quality Issues: Identifying frequent data quality challenges in analytics.
  4. Tracking Code Presence (Site Crawl): Ensuring correct implementation and function of tracking codes.
  5. Event and Parameters: Delving into the nuances of events and parameters in GA4.
  6. Integrity Checks: Validating the consistency and reliability of collected data.
  7. Testing User Scenarios: Practical exercises to verify user journey accuracy.
  8. Overview: Re-emphasizing the essentials of GA4 auditing.
  9. Property Settings: In-depth exploration of GA4 data collection and storage settings.
  10. Data Stream Settings: Understanding the continuous data inflow in GA4.
  11. Configuring and Validating Events: Comprehensive look at event tracking setup and validation.
  12. User ID and Cross-Device Tracking: Techniques for tracking users across multiple devices.
  13. Customization of Reports & Exploration Reports: Tailoring reports for specific business needs.
  14. Excluding Internal Traffic: Strategies for filtering out internal web traffic.
  15. Tools Showcase: Introduction to advanced tools like GA4 Auditor, Verified Data, and ObservePoint.
  16. GA4 Integrations: Integrating GA4 with other Google products.
  17. Privacy Settings in GA4: Handling data privacy within GA4.
  18. PII and GA4: Managing personally identifiable information in GA4.
  19. Auditing User Consent and Opt-Out Settings: Ensuring respect for user privacy choices.
  20. Tool Showcase: Monitoring your MarTech stack.
  21. Prioritizing Audit Findings (Eisenhower Matrix Concept): Effective prioritization of audit findings.
  22. Establishing Monitoring or an Audit Calendar: Setting up a routine for ongoing data quality checks.

We believe this is the most comprehensive GA4 Audit training available. Enhance your skills and expertise in GA4 auditing by enrolling today!

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