Editorial Guidelines For Guest Posts

Editorial Guidelines For Guest Posts

Editorial Guidelines:

We consider guest posts as we acknowledge that bloggers can perform a valuable service by providing new and insightful content on digital marketing and related subjects. However, to avoid unnecessary back-links and to protect the quality of content we publish we require all content to meet the following guest post editorial guidelines.


  • Posts must be a minimum of 1,500 words in length.
  • Conversion Uplift editor has the final say about the standard of writing required.
  • Content must be original. We will use a plagiarism checker for all content submitted and you may want to check one of these, such as Quetext.com and PapersOwl.com, before you submit an article.
  • Keep paragraphs short and avoid acronyms unless explained.
  • Statements about what works or doesn’t work should link to relevant research where possible or give an example. Please avoid generalisations without evidence unless it is a generally accepted fact. Where possible any links should be to a high authority site on the subject (i.e. first page of Google).
  • Include some relevant images and links to source of images for hero image and other sections of the post.
  • Include some internal links where possible (i.e. to posts or pages on conversion-uplift such as glossary of conversion definitions). Otherwise we will add internal links where appropriate.
  • Specify keywords to target in post and include in title and at least one sub-heading. If necessary we will add keywords if its frequency is not sufficient according to Yoast SEO.
  • A “Conclusion” section should be included at the end of the post with a summary of the main insights.
  • No random links in text.
  • No links to advertisements or links to affiliate sites unless agreed prior to writing the post.
  • No links to gambling sites.
  • No random links to essay writing sites in the copy.
  • Please provide a gmail or Google registered email address so that your avatar or photo will be displayed at the top of the blog post.
  • Short bio and head photo to be provided for the author. The author must be genuine person with a link to their website or social media account. No more than one link in your bio.

Provided you follow our editorial guidelines and the quality of your content meets our standards we are happy to publish guest posts.

Please email all requests for guest posts to info@conversion-uplift.co.uk.

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