Free SEO Audit Report To Grow Organic Traffic

Free SEO Audit Report To Grow Organic Traffic

SEO can heavily influence a site's search ranking in SERPs

Free SEO Audit:

To improve your Google ranking and get more visitors to your site use our free SEO audit tool to generate a on-page SEO audit report.

Just enter your website’s address, your name and email address and we will email a PDF  of your free SEO audit report directly to your inbox.


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What’s in the report?

Your free SEO audit report will include information on the following areas of your site’s SEO performance:

  • Google Page index
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • HTML Tags
  • Content Quality
  • Keyword Density

Don’t delay, complete the above form and get your free SEO audit in a matter of minutes.

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SEO Takes Time:

SEO is not something you can optimise instantly and there are many scams out there where companies offer to guarantee to get your site at the top of Google search. Don’t fall for these scams by reading our post on how to spot SEO scams. Read your free SEO audit report to understand the real challenges you have to resolve as this will help you prioritise activities that will have benefits for your business.

Anyone who offers to optimise the SEO of your site for a few hundred pounds is having you on. All sites have SEO problems as compromises have to be made and content becomes out-of-date. The key to SEO is that you follow a structured approach to deal with the most important issues first and fix them in a sustainable and appropriate way. Google and other search engines are getting increasingly good at identifying sites that use black-hat techniques to try and play the search engines.

This take time though. Your free SEO audit report is only the first step in a long and continuous journey to improve the SEO of your site. However, a well optimised site will benefit from growing organic traffic and higher Google rankings. Here is a chart of a blog post I optimised using a number of SEO techniques. Notice how the increase in traffic was gradual and  and it may not have reached a peak yet.  SEO is not a quick fix solution.

Chart showing traffic for blog after being optimised using SEO techniques

Set Targets:

Always agree targets with your SEO agency as this ensures you are monitoring appropriate metrics that SEO should influence. You may not meet all your targets, but it’s good practice to set goals and review them on a regular basis. If you SEO agency is not prepared to set targets you have to question what value they are providing to you.

Your SEO agency should also outline exactly what tasks they are conducting on your behalf and provide regular progress reports. This should involve updates on key metrics that you have agreed to improve.

Check out how to do keyword research and  22 SEO audit and link building tools to increase organic traffic to your site.

If you become a client of Conversion Uplift we will provide you with a comprehensive SEO report which covers the following metrics:

  1. Domain authority (e.g. MOZ rank for popularity and Alex rank for frequency of visits)
  2. Page indexation metrics
  3. On-page SEO (e.g. HTML tags, H1 and H2 titles and meta descriptions)
  4. SEO friendly (e.g. URLs, privacy policies and broken links)
  5. Usability (e.g. page load speed, favicon and click-through rate)
  6. Crawling test (Sitemap and Robot.txt)
  7. Web technologies (e.g. technology to support the site and content freshness)
  8. Server response check (e.g. errors such as page not founds (404s) and if modified test)
  9. Off-page research (e.g. backlinks, and referring domains)

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