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An autoresponder was originally software designed to automatically respond to emails sent to a designated email inbox (e.g. an out of office email). However, autoresponders is now commonly used to describe a sequence of automatic emails that are sent to new subscribers in an order and frequency that are set in the email marketing software. This could include a newsletter, a tutorial, promotional offers or links to new blog posts.

What to consider when setting up your autoresponders?

It’s not about you!

A successful autoresponder must be about what your subscriber is interested in. The objective of an autoresponder is to engage prospects and turn them from being curious about what you offer to a strong and vocal advocate.

How can you help?

Develop empathy with your subscribers by talking about the problems they are facing and how you can help resolve these issues. Build trust by providing useful information to reduce their pain and free resources to encourage reciprocation.

When do you build autoresponders?

Before you begin creating content is the best time to build autoresponders. You want to engage and capture every genuine reader from the start of your blog. However, if you already have a blog, the next best time is now to build your autoresponders.


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