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Congruence refers to where every element of a landing page is consistent with the campaign goal. A lack of alignment of elements on a landing page with the campaign goal is likely to result in friction and will reduce the conversion rate.


Netflix is a great example of a strong value proposition communicated with simplicity and emotion. Note how little prominence is given to the existing customer sign in CTA. If existing customers find themselves on this page they don’t need a large CTA or content aimed at them. They just want to sign in.

Image of Neflix free for a month offer - congruence

Source: Netflix.com

One of the main reasons for a lack of congruence on landing pages is because brands continue to send traffic to an unsuitable home page or a sign-up form rather than designing a dedicated landing page. It is good practice to create dedicated landing pages because they can be designed for the specific goals and needs of each individual campaign without having to also cater for content aimed at existing customers.


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