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JavaScript is an open-sourced programming language used in web development. It was developed by Netscape to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites. It is also used on the client-side and server side. For A/B testing software JavaScript manipulates a webpage in your browser.

HTML and CSS provide structure and style to your webpage. JavaScript also allows a developer to add interactive elements that engage users. JavaScript can be used to create more dynamic webpages such as:

1. Create Interactive Behaviour:

JavaScript gives the developer the ability to add interactivity to a web experience through;

  • Show or hide content by interacting with a call-to-action.
  • Display a drop-down, mega menu or a hamburger menu.
  • Create a carousel or slider of images.
  • Add animations to a web page.
  • Change the colour of elements (e.g. a button) when a user’s mouse hovers over it.
  • Allow users to zoom in or zoom out on an image on a product page.
  • Serve a count down clock on a website.
  • Enable users to play audio and video player on a website.

2. Game Development:

JavaScript allows you to create browser games for users to interact and play with on a web page.

3. Build Web Servers and Developing Server Applications:

Developers can also create simple web servers and build back-end infrastructure by apply Node.js.

4. Develop Web and Mobile Apps:

Finally, you can use JavaScript frameworks to create web and mobile apps. JavaScript code libraries provide pre-written code which developers can use to create routine programming features and tasks. Common front-end frameworks include React, Angular, Vue and also React Native. Node.js is a popular runtime environment used by companies such as Netfix and Paypal.


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