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Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing


Permission marketing aims to ensure marketing communications are expected, personal and relevant for people who wish to receive them. It acknowledges that people have the right to ignore marketing activity and should be treated with respect. Communicating marketing messages is not a right, but rather a privilege.

Email marketing, app notifications, website notifications, SMS messages and direct mail are the main forms of permission marketing. The important aspect of permission marketing is not to take advantage of a customer giving permission to be contacted by your brand.

Image of 10 emails in 15 days from partypoker.com

Over a 15 day period I received 10 emails from partypoker.com. I have not responded to any of the emails, but they still keep coming. This type of behaviour will just annoy customers and kill your email conversion rate. Email is by far the most powerful form of digital marketing but it won’t stay that way if companies use a shot-gun strategy as partypoker.com clearly is using.


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