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Personalisation refers to creating targeted content that relates to the specific user in terms of such factors as activity or location. This may involve using data from their profile (e.g. their name or age), their history on your site (e.g. what have they previously responded to), how they found you, present behaviour, context (e.g. time of day) and real-time behaviour.

The main aim is improve the relevancy of content so that it is targeted to meet their individual needs and increase the chances that they will take the desired action.

In the test below we introduced a “Last game played” section to the mobile site for partycasino.com. This inserted a list of up to 6 recently played games into the All games lobby. The A/B test resulted in a significant uplift in clicks on the game tiles, also the value and frequency of deposits as it made it easier for players to access their favourite games.


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