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Splash Page

Splash Page


A splash page is a conversion centric that is displayed to visitors instead of the normal destination page (usually the homepage) to deliver a single, compelling message and call-to-action (CTA). It is an overlay to prevent search engines indexing it as the destination page. This does result in a noticeable flicker as visitors initially see the destination and then it switches to the splash. A better solution from a user experience perspective would be to use a re-direct to deliver the splash page.

The benefit is it can deliver promotional content to the target audience without having to make compromises (e.g. existing customers). This is the case with the homepage where a number of different stakeholders are often competing for prime real estate.

In the example we tested the homepage against a splash page for partypoker.com and saw a 36% uplift in clicks on the Free download CTA. For other brands we achieved an uplift with a splash page of over 100% clicking on the primary CTA and a 27% uplift in registrations.


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