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Trust is a key factor in determining the likelihood of whether a visitor will convert as people will instinctively avoid dealing with people or organisations they don’t feel they can trust. Being transparent and displaying indicators of trust (e.g. SSL security icons, testimonials, customer ratings and reviews) are common strategies for conversion optimisation in a website.

For markets that have relatively few similar brands and where social influence is a crucial driver of choice, prospects will often seek recommendations from a small number of expert users or authoritative people. In this environment testimonials and recommendations from such individuals is a short-cut to making a considered choice. Trust grants the behaviour and recommendations of a small number of experts and authoritative users.


In the example below, Formisimo uses a testimonial from expert user Peep Laja at ConversionXL to help build trust with the brand. Expert users can have a powerful influence on the behaviour of prospects because of their reputation and to the brand they are recommending.

Image of testimonial from expert user Peep Laja

Image Source: Forimismo.co.uk

Research by ConversionXL found that PayPal was the most trusted brand for online payments. It was closely followed by the Norton Secured and Google Trusted Stores logos.

However, be careful about when you display trust icons. A/B tests on registration forms have found that if they are introduced too early in the journey they can help raise fears that were not previously present. Trust also needs to be earned through how people associate with your brand. Actions are more powerful than words. It is important that policy decisions reflect promises or values that are regularly promoted by the brand. When company actions go against stated aims or values this can destroy trust in the brand.


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