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Usability Problem

Usability Problem


A Usability Problem is user experience which doesn’t follow best practice and prevents website or app users from achieving desired goal. For example:

  • Font size is too small to be readable
  • Form fields have inadequate labelling or error messaging
  • Error messaging outside viewport
  • Low contrast makes content hard to read
  • Buttons and links are hard to click because they are too small or close to other elements

Fixing usability problems is a great way to increase conversion and revenue, often more effective than other conversion optimisation methods such as AB Testing which only improve performance if the experiment wins.

Analyse Session Replays and conduct Usability Testing to find Usability Problems. Testing manually on different devices is also a good method, especially mobile devices with small screens.

Check out Microsoft Clarity, it has excellent functionality for Session Replay analysis, and Userlytics is great for Usability Testing.


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