10 Tips To Create An Awesome Whiteboard Animation Video

10 Tips To Create An Awesome Whiteboard Animation Video

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How to create an awesome whiteboard animation video:

We have all seen a great teacher use a whiteboard to explain and inspire students. Well, a whiteboard animation videos can do exactly the same. Drawings and animation have always had a special place in storytelling, both when we were children and even now. That’s simply because drawings make understanding much easier. When it comes to whiteboard animation videos, if you haven’t used one yet, it’s time you did as they can be a great conversion rate booster.

Whether it’s Simplifying complex concepts or transforming boring content into interesting ones, animation videos use illustrations created by an artist on a whiteboard or similar surface (hence the name) to produce highly engaging videos. This is produced with markers and pens, usually in black and white. The entire video comes to life in front of your eyes as the story unfolds in a matter of a couple of minutes or less. That’s exactly where the magic of whiteboard animation videos lies.

So, What Is It?

Whiteboard animation videos tell a story using a series of events or scenes illustrated directly onto a whiteboard by an artist. This is simply recorded to create a story communicated through animated illustrations. Whiteboard animation videos are popular because of their simplicity, educational quality, cost effectiveness, and flexibility. They also work for any type of audience. Awesome isn’t it?

Ten Tips to Create an Awesome Video

Okay, so you now know what a whiteboard animation video is. But how do you create one? To make your job easier here are ten tips that can help you make an amazing video.

1. Have a strong Script

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” according to Hollywood author and consultant Robert Mckee. The truth is that humans cannot resist the persuasive power of a well-told story. Thus, when developing a whiteboard animation video for your business, a great script and storyboard are the foundations for your success. Begin by highlighting a problem, then offer a solution and end with a strong call-to-action.

2. Set up your storyboard

When you set out to transform your script into a captivating storyboard, do not make it too complex or long. Create a schematic outline of your video to direct the planning stage of the production. This should portray the actions and visual aspects of it. Ensure each frame leads smoothly into the next one and your storyboard will help you create the video that your business needs.

3. Keep it classical

There are three basic elements of a classic whiteboard animation video. To maintain the essence of a whiteboard video focus the white background, the continuous black drawing, and the hand. You may at times want to add something extra , but it’s always recommended that you retain these three classic elements.

4. Include characters

They sound very simple to look at, but you can make it more engaging and fun by incorporating a character into your video. Use characters in your video in order to get closer to your audience. Buyer personas of your ideal customer can be used to create characters that look, dress and behave like your target audience. This can help viewers identify with your business, thereby making you appear more reliable and trustworthy.

5. Add colour (but not too much)

Oh yes, I did tell you to keep your whiteboard animation video consistent with the classic, traditional, black and white format. But a little novelty is always welcome. In order to make your whiteboard animation video a little more interesting, add some colour to make it stand out. Now, don’t go mad and overuse colour in the video. Keep it minimal, highlight important features or parts of the video, and also try incorporating your brand colours.

6. Interconnect the drawings

When you’re viewing a whiteboard animation video, you might find yourself being constantly curious about what comes next. That’s because the video takes shape in front of your eyes. This anticipation can be creatively portrayed through interconnected drawings. That is, don’t clean the whiteboard too many times. Let there be a continuity and make sure your canvas is big enough to maintain the flow.

7. Keep to the agreed timing when you illustrate

Now, you don’t have all day to neatly and slowly draw. The draw and erase timing has to be taken into consideration in your whiteboard animation video. Make it look relaxed, but don’t be too relaxed that your video takes too long to tell your story. This relies upon animation and of course your illustrator getting the timing right.

8. Get an emotional response

Always consider your audience’s emotions when planning your story. Whiteboard animation videos are simple and the great thing about is that you can communicate what you want – be it sadness, happiness, laughter or any other emotion. Connecting to your audience at an emotional level will increase engagement with your video, while also improving your business’s results.

9. Animate creatively

A whiteboard animation video relies on a hand drawing the illustrations. But, in this digital era, illustrations can be digitised along with an animated hand if you want to project a more modern style to your video. So, make sure the hand is animated perfectly. Also, if your characters need to move a little, a small addition of movement will always make it look more engaging.

10. Voice your story, add music and sound FX

Last, but not least, emphasising and increasing your pace of certain words while recording your voice-over is an important technique. Using alluring music to complement your brand, as well as your video’s personality, is important to the impact your whiteboard animation video creates. However, ensure the music and voice-over complement the video and don’t overshadow your whiteboard animation.

Perks of having a whiteboard animation video

You now know the basics of what needs to be considered when you make a whiteboard animation video. Do you want to know the advantages they have over other video types? Briefly, we can say:


You don’t need to burn your fingers in order to create an excellent whiteboard animation video for your business. Since there is no involvement of a real cast, location or properties, but just a whiteboard and a beautiful hand, the production cost of whiteboard animation videos are low in comparison.


The nature of whiteboard animation videos are so flexible that you can place them anywhere starting from your landing page, social media, home page, in-app or anywhere else. They can grab your customer’s attention in a snap.


Isn’t it disappointing when your visitors leave your website in just a few seconds. As shown by research, with a video on your website, visitors engage 2.6x times more on your website. If it’s a whiteboard animation video, even better!


With easy to understand visuals, live video formation and punchy music and voice over, whiteboard animation videos can engage your customers on more levels than a regular video. Further, if they remember the video, they are more likely to remember your brand as well.


Turning complex ideas into a fun and simple video, whiteboard animation videos are easy to digest, understand and interact with. They have an educational tone and explain what you do quickly and effectively. Also, they are simple and yet sophisticated in nature, making them incredibly popular.

Best whiteboard animation video software to look out for

You now know the factors to consider when making a whiteboard animation video and their advantages. But, in case you don’t know how to make one, there are some amazing whiteboard video animation software easily available on the web. Check out this list to find out which software is the best for you.


So, to recap, we have outlined ten tips for creating an awesome whiteboard animation. Begin with a strong script, develop a storyboard, add some characters, colour and interconnected drawings. You should then select a voice over that works for your story, add music and sound effects to create the right atmosphere. Also, don’t forget to keep it classical and keep to agreed timelines in order retain the attention of your audience. So are you excited about your whiteboard animated explainer video?

If you are thinking of making your own whiteboard animation video, this article will help you make an awesome one. And without a doubt, your business will have an edge over the competition with a compelling and engaging video.

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