Code Interpreter Data Visualisations

Code Interpreter Data Visualisations


I am going to introduce you to a powerful tool for data exploration, which is Chat GPT’s Code Interpreter with Google Analytics 4.

Overview of Video Dialogue:

I’m going to show you how to use chat GPTs Code Interpreter to analyse data from Google Analytics 4.

Go to the settings, click on Beta features and enable Code Interpreter. Go to Chat GPT 4 and click on Code Interpreter. This allows you to upload data files such as event data from GA4.

Ask it to provide a set number of visualizations. We are going to ask it to provide 4 data visualizations. Sometimes it will ask questions.

It’s worked out that there are 2 sets of data, 2 date ranges. You sometimes need to clean up data when you download it from GA4. Make sure everything’s a number, rather than text.

It’s going to do visualisations now, in the form of a bar chart. You can give it more instructions and once it’s provided the visualisations you can also ask it to redo them. This explains what the bar charts are doing:

  • Event Counts and Event Counts for the First Data Range
  • Event Counts for the Second Data Range
  • Total Users vs Event Count for the First Data Range
  • Total Users vs Event Count for the Second Data Range.

It’s done two charts for each date range and you can also ask it to do more. That’s how you start using Chat GPT code interpreter for data visualisations. Hope you found that useful and you will try it out yourself.


In this video, we introduce the use of Chat GPT’s Code Interpreter for analysing Google Analytics 4 data. We guide viewers through the process, which involves enabling the Code Interpreter in Chat GPT settings, uploading event data from GA4, and requesting visualisations.

The model processes the data, identifying two sets of data ranges. We highlight the importance of data clean-up and numeric formatting.

Visualisations, including bar charts, are generated, explaining event counts and total users against event counts for each data range.

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