How to Redact Email Addresses and Query Parameters in Google Analytics 4

How to Redact Email Addresses and Query Parameters in Google Analytics 4

Today, we’re diving into a nifty GA4 feature that helps you redact sensitive data like email addresses and query parameters.

Why Redact Data?

Redacting data is crucial for privacy and compliance reasons. You don’t want to accidentally collect sensitive user info.

Step-by-Step Guide

Head to Admin Area

  1. Go to Admin: Open your GA4 property and head to the Admin area.
  2. Data Streams: Click on ‘Data Streams’ and select your web data stream.

Redact Email Addresses

  1. Redact Data: Scroll down to find the ‘Redact Data’ option.
  2. Enable Radio Button: Simply enable the radio button next to ‘Email Addresses’.

Redact Query Parameters

  1. Check Your Data: Before redacting query parameters, check which ones are actually in your data. Neil recommends creating a free-form report in GA4.
  2. Add Query Parameters: In the ‘Redact Data’ section, you can add up to 30 query parameters. Separate them with commas.

For example:

  • gtm_debug,
  • fbclid
  1. Save: Don’t forget to hit save!


After a day or two, revisit your free-form reports to make sure the redacted data is no longer appearing.

Popular Query Parameters to Consider

Check out our list of popular query parameters like gtm_debug and fbclid.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! A simple yet effective way to keep your GA4 data clean and compliant. Check back in a day or two to make sure it’s all working as it should.

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