5 Expert Tips to Increase Form Conversion

5 Expert Tips to Increase Form Conversion

5 Expert Tips to Increase Form Conversion

My knowledge of Forms is strong having worked in CRO for so long. But there was still lots to learn in the latest Zuko podcast:

1. Password and phone number are the most problematic Form fields.

2. Front loading easy questions like name and email address is a well known method to increase conversion. But in sectors like insurance where the Form is also used to check eligibility. Allowing users to get their quote before entering name and email address is better for conversion.

3. Removing unnecessary fields is another common method to optimise Forms. But it can be hard to convince the wider business to remove a field like phone number. So consider requesting the phone number later in the journey instead of removing entirely.

4. Allow users to enter their phone number freestyle as that’s what they want. Most of the time it will be a CS Agent making the calls so they will be able to remove any spaces or dashes and interpret if it is a real number.

5. When users need to enter a number. Tag the input element as a phone number. Then users on mobile devices will get the number keyboard. Also tag the Form for accessibility. Otherwise you are leaving some users in the dark.

Thanks to Alun Lucas (Zuko Analytics) and Griffin Cox (Optimizely) for sharing these fantastic insights. Link to Podcast in comments.

Are you already using these methods to optimise Forms? What other techniques do you recommend?

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