Collecting Web Analytics Data

Collecting Web Analytics Data

Measurement Plan for GA4

Should you collect less web analytics data?

Web analytics data should provide useful insights to help you make decisions on marketing and website optimisation.

However, if you collect too much web analytics data this can cause: 

  • Information overload so that you might not have time review all the useful metrics.
  • Attention bias can mean getting distracted by vanity metrics.
  • Setting targets for metrics that don’t matter.

Avoid collecting too much data by aligning your business goals with customer goals and your measurement plan. 

Collecting the minimum amount of data will ensure you focus on what’s important to measure and you are less likely to end up monitoring vanity metrics.

Reducing the amount of data you collect will also Improve your carbon footprint.

Set targets for metrics or use them to investigate areas of poor performance.

There is no point collecting data if you don’t intend to to action on it.

A measurement plan clearly defines your business goals, website goals, metrics and targets to ensure you only measure what you need to measure.

Don’t have a measurement plan?

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