Affiliate and Social Traffic

Affiliate and Social Traffic

Affiliate and Social Traffic

Why does GA4 underestimate your affiliate and social traffic?

Unlike GA3, GA4 has introduced a significant change in its default channel attribution model. Moving from the Last Click model to a Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) model. Here are some key points to understand about this shift:

DDA’s methodology requires at least 400 conversions per unique path over 30 days to reach statistical significance. High-volume channels, often Google-owned, are more likely to pass this threshold.

Google channels are given preference in DDA, as it collects more data on Google-owned channels and uses features that favor these channels. Non-Google channels are often overlooked, creating a bias.

Google tracks clicks from its own channels more reliably and with greater detail than non-Google channels, further skewing the data in favor of Google-owned channels.

As a result, I am recommending clients change GA4’s channel attribution setting from DDA to Last Click to avoid your affiliate, social and email traffic being underestimated.

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