Are you exporting your GA4 data to BigQuery?

Are you exporting your GA4 data to BigQuery?

Are you unhappy that GA4 only retains data for custom analysis for 14 months and that it takes up to 24 hours to update?

To resolve these issues and many more, start by linking GA4 to BigQuery. Exporting data to BigQuery will give you benefits such as:  

1️⃣ Longer Data Retention: GA4 caps your data at 14 months. BigQuery? You decide how long you keep it. 📅 
2️⃣ Near Real-Time Reporting: Refresh your data every 2-3 hours without breaking the bank. Stay updated, always! ⏰ 
3️⃣ A/B Test Accuracy: GA4 estimates user counts, which can skew your A/B test results. BigQuery gives you the real deal. 🎯 
4️⃣ Custom Dashboards: Connect directly to BigQuery for raw data analysis. Your dashboard, your rules. 📊 
5️⃣ Looker Studio Dashboards: Automate queries and get almost real-time insights. Efficiency at its best! 🚀 
6️⃣ Predictive Analysis & Data Merging: Forecast trends and integrate data from multiple sources. Become the data wizard you were meant to be. 🧙‍♂️

So, why settle for less when you can have more? Link GA4 to BigQuery and take your analytics game to the next level! 📈

Message me if you need help making your next step with GA4.


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