Automatic Google Analytics 4 Migration

Garbage in means garbage out.

Google is offering to automatically configure your GA4 property by migrating you from GA3 (Universal Analytics).

Allowing Google to automatically migrate your GA property to GA4 is a recipe for disaster.

The GA4 console allows you to automatically measure certain interactions on your website, such as video start and form interactions.

On most websites these events fail to accurately capture these events because of how different sites are built and forms are designed.

Most events need to be tailored to the individual website, rather than be automatically created.

If you don’t already have Google Tag Manager implemented, an automatic migration won’t deploy it.

Google Tag Manager allows you to enrich your GA4 data with more valuable insights such as page load speed, scroll depth, visibility of page elements, JavaScript errors, conversion events and installing a session replay and heatmap tool. 

Don’t let your data become garbage.

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