Have you taken back control of your web analytics data?

Have you taken back control of your web analytics data?

Exporting GA4 data to BigQuery is like giving your data analytics a supercharge. Here’s the lowdown:

📅 Data on Your Terms: Ditch GA4’s 14-month cap. Keep your data in BigQuery indefinitely.

⏰ Real-Time Refresh: Update your data every 2-3 hours to keep your insights fresh and actionable.

🎯 Pinpoint A/B Testing: Say goodbye to rough estimates and hello to precise user counts for A/B tests with BigQuery’s accuracy.

📊 Dashboards That Deliver: Craft custom dashboards with direct access to raw BigQuery data for in-depth analysis.

🔮 Predictive Power: Merge your GA4 data with other datasets for trend forecasting and more.

🧩 Unsampled, Uncompromised: View every single event with unsampled data for a complete analytics picture.

🚫 No Cardinality Limits: High-cardinality dimensions? No problem. BigQuery doesn’t flinch at large data sets.

Empower your decision-making with the full spectrum of web analytics. With BigQuery, your data has no limits.


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Are you exporting your GA4 data to BigQuery?

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