Want to boost your GA4 audit skills at a discount?

Want to boost your GA4 audit skills at a discount?

Get a 10% discount off my GA4 audit course on CXL

🔍 Learn how to conduct a professional audit with my course on CXL, which includes recently added features of GA4. The course covers:

– In-depth GA4 auditing & debugging 
– GTM best practices for efficient tracking 
– Privacy audit walkthrough to ensure compliance 
– Mastery in setting up the new Google Tag 
– Utilizing Configuration and Shared Event Settings variables 
– Enable and test the new redact data feature 
– Tailored for analytics professionals 
Over 5hours of comprehensive content 

💡 Special Offer:

Use this link to enrol: https://lnkd.in/efaJCdP5
Get a10% discount by entering the coupon code: 10INSTRUCTOR in the checkout by reloading the checkout page with the coupon slug
 ?coupons=yes to enable the coupons field.   

📈 Boost your GA4 expertise with practical skills and insights.

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